This precious cargo survived a vehicle accident when their ride was rear ended at 100 km/hr. When everyone was being extricated from the wreck, Roxy was safely pulled from the vehicle where she was placed on the ground and in a split second, she made a mad dash and hadn’t been seen for over five days.

On route to assist this distraught family in their tireless efforts to find her, that call came that she’s been found.


Message from owner
“Thank you so so much
Everything you said worked she came out. She walked up to a farmer and hopped in his truck like nothing. She is home
I just love the work you do and you taught me so much this week. I can’t express my appreciation to you. You are awesome!!
She looks good bit scratched up from barbwire. She has a vet appt at 8:30. She is protected from ticks but I’m gonna look anyways but thank you so much❤️❤️❤️”